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BLEND : Blended Families Ministry

“With men, this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” ~ Matthew 19:26

In 1998, Victor and Alycia married and became a blended family. Victor had lived as a single divorcee for seven years before considering remarrying. He and Alycia had met at church in 1994. They soon discovered they’d known each others’ families for several years, despite the fact they’d never met one another before then. Victor’s son, Zachary, was four when they met and eight when they married. He is now grown, graduated from college, and beginning his life as an adult. They are pleased to say that they made it through blended family life, despite the challenges along the way. As of 2013, they will be happily married for 15 years.

At the root of every blended family is a broken covenant. Whether it is one-sided or not, that root is the cause of several blended family issues.

Through their blended families ministry, Victor and Alycia hope to impart the following teachings:

Defining Covenant: What exactly is a covenant relationship? How is one established? What are the facets of a covenant? What happens when a covenant is broken? These questions and more will be discussed during this 2 hour session.

Til Death Do Us Part: During this session, we will discuss the marriage covenant and God’s design for marriage relationships. 1 hour session.

Dealing with Divorce: Too often divorce is shunned as a dirty topic in the church today. God hates divorce, and no one wants to talk about that. Divorced people tend to be an invisible part of the body of Christ, despite the fact that churches are full of divorcees who’ve remained single or remarried. We will discuss what the Bible says about divorce, what effects divorce has on all parties involved (husbands, wives, children, second marriages), and find answers to the questions involved. 1 hour session.

To Marry Again or Not To Marry Again: That is the question. In this session, we will discuss the pros and cons of a second or third or fourth marriage. We will also take a look at what couples should focus on before they say “I do” again. 30 minute session.

Defining Roles in a Blended Family: The roles of a husband and wife haven’t changed, despite the blended family. However, trying to find one’s place is difficult, whether you’re the new step-parent or the now step-child. In this session we will discuss what it takes to successfully blend a family and prevent all-out war while the family adjusts to their new life together. 2 hour session.

Discussing Discipline: If finances are one of the number one reasons for divorce in first marriages, disciplining children would be a close second in second marriages. In this session, we will discuss the different forms of discipline as they are defined in the Bible, setting up discipline measures in our homes, and coming to agreement where there is a division point. 30 minute session.

Dealing with Damages, Finding Forgiveness, and Moving Forward: Blended family life will have its ups and downs. So how do we get through them? In this session, we will discuss climbing mountains and walking through valleys together. We will cover topics such as: How to handle harsh words, how to handle disagreements, how to handle ex-relations, and more. 1 hour session.

Question and Answer Session: We understand that every blended family has its own fingerprint in life. Like snowflakes, no two are alike. Everyone has questions. Some are caught in disagreements and can’t move beyond their differences. We would be happy to answer these and will give solid, biblical responses. 1 hour session.

If you’re interested in having Victor and Alycia speak, please email them at togetherministries [at] gmail [dot] com

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